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[INFLUX029] Sample Junkie - Appropriate Your Culture EP   

Sample Junkie

Sample Junkie has become a force on the label since his debut track 'Ocelot' as part of our '3000 Likes EP' last March, and has gone from strength to strength with releases such as 'No. 6', 'Yes' and his infamous remix of Thorpey's 'Powah'. It seemed high time to give this trouble starter his own release, and it arrives just in time for it to go off in festival season!

He's gone fully in as well with his three original tracks (one a collaboration with Hurtdeer) that all bring something from a different cultural background to his banging mutant bass sound - 'Aku' with it's reference to Japan, 'Yes Jah' in it's reference to Jamaica and 'Snake Charmer' with it's reference to India. Remixes here are plentiful and wonderfully varied. Hadean turns lead track 'Aku' into an absolute hard bassline stormer, Dave Skywalker does what he does best and turns 'Yes Jah' into a hardcore anthem and Reso brings us a Neurofunk beast of 'Aku' to close out this formidable EP. This stuff is heavy, so you've been warned!

  1. Sample Junkie - Aku (Original Mix)
  2. Sample Junkie - Yes Jah (Original Mix)
  3. Sample Junkie & Hurtdeer - Snake Charmer (Original Mix)
  4. Sample Junkie - Aku (Hadean Remix)
  5. Sample Junkie - Yes Jah (Dave Skywalker Remix)
  6. Sample Junkie - Aku (Reso Remix)