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[INEXCL010] Various - White Label #006   

Fork and Knife//JawLock//iamphantvm//Kobe JT

White Label #006 brings 4 new artists to the In:flux fold with a full array of different styles on offer as we enter 2018 with a bang.

Fork and Knife kicks off proceedings with a drum-heavy Grime piece that kicks off the EP in style. JawLock up next have an almost Hip-hop intro to their tune, but don't let that mislead you, as it it drops into a Bassline banger with with MC of the moment Bru C adding to the proceedings. iamphantvm brings us the Bass from across the pond as he infuses violins into a dirty Bassline beat, not before Kobe JT goes all 2007 with his 140 Bassline tune that makes use of those high bass wobbles. Bangers for days!