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[INFLUX006] Wölfe - 0114 EP   


INFLUX 006 - the '0114 EP' - is from Wölfe, whose tune 'Borjigin' featured on our Free Compilation #001 back in December.

Wölfe who hail from Sheffield (thus the name '0114 EP') have been mates of ours at In:flux for a while due to the work we've done together in the free party scene in the steel city. The boys have a signature style that swings somewhere between 80s synth pop and bass music, and this signature sound is why we snapped them up immediately when they started showcasing tunes to us.

The '0114 EP' is an absolute blinder with three original tracks from the trio, as well a hench bass remix from Spookz and a bassline wobbler from J.G. Big things ahead for the Wölfe boys!

  1. Wölfe - Charlie
  2. Wölfe - Back It Up
  3. Wölfe - Mankey
  4. Wölfe - Mankey (Spookz Remix)
  5. Wölfe - Mankey (J.G Remix)