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[INFLUX026] Clean Shirt - Lovely Chap! EP   

Clean Shirt

Clean Shirt has been doing bits since he arrived on the scene a few years back, and in late 2016 he came to us with 'The Glock' which went out as part of our second White Label release in February. After the success of that tune, we invited him to jump on the next 'Get Fluxed' compilation. He sent us both these tunes, and due to the fact they blew us away on listening to them at In:flux HQ - we immediately snapped them up for this EP.

The title track 'Lovely Chap!' with it's appropriate pop culture reference kicks of the EP with darting synths and the occasional bit of profanity that will set any dance floor ablaze, whilst Daddy has a driving bassline and some surging wubs that are sure to keep the ravers moving. Lovely stuff!

  1. Clean Shirt - Lovely Chap!
  2. Clean Shirt - Daddy