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[INFLUX027] Fiyahman - Dem Nights EP   


Fiyahman has been a part of the In:flux roster since almost the beginning nearly 3 years ago, and was part of the first free compilation we released through our Bandcamp under one of his previous monikers. He came back to work with us last year as part of 'Pavv Presents...' after taking some time off, and man, he has come back with a bang. A remix and another two compilations later and we arrive here at his debut EP for In:flux.

He goes in hard here with two bouncing bassline tracks that show off the subby wubs, the first a lean 4x4 track and the second taking a more broken beat approach to great effect. Pavv remixes the lead track 'Tobacco' as only Pavv can, a high intensity track with trademark Pavv basslines that do the business. Tik&Borrow jump on the remix for 'Wine & Dab' taking the EP in a different direction to close it out as they rework the track into a dubstep monster with lots of sub bass and plenty of sparkly synth work to boot. Dancing shoes at the ready for this EP!

  1. Fiyahman - Tobacco (Original Mix)
  2. Fiyahamn - Wine & Dab (Original Mix)
  3. Fiyahman - Tobacco (Pavv Remix)
  4. Fiyahman - Wine & Dab (Tik&Borrow Remix)